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Inara Serra
03 May 2011 @ 07:31 pm
You have reached Inara Serra. I am currently unavailable at this time. Please leave a message, and I will return your call as quickly as possible. Thank you.
Inara Serra
[ooc: From kittydesade 's Arcana]

The Priestess concerns herself most of all with the mental, emotional, and spiritual ills of her people, that which is more difficult to see and harder to diagnose. Unlike the Witch, she is not always kind and certainly not always gentle. Like the Sorcerer, she is highly intelligent and has the ability to see into people; she must have, or she wouldn't be able to find and assist to fix the problem. Assist to fix, because whenever possible she leads a person to wisdom rather than confer wisdom that may yet be forgotten. She combines, in either aspect or behavior, many of the properties of many of the Arcana. This is one of her chiefest attributes, the ability to be or be viewed as what a person needs at any given time. This changeability does not reflect her inner nature.

The Priestess may come from any background, but at some point in her life she goes through unusually harsh trials and reaches an understanding of herself. It is this, more than any training in psychology or mentalism, that enables her to help others. She is willing to ask herself the hard questions and force herself to answer them truly and thoroughly before she asks them of any others. The asking and the acceptance helps her ask the hard questions of others and accept the answers, which in turn helps her help others. It gives her strength, openness and honesty without the hypocrisy of refusing to do what she asks of others, and a blatant willingness to try and accept that which others find abhorrent in themselves. The question put to the petitioners in the movie Willow was the power to control the universe lies in which finger. The correct answer, displaying what might seem to be arrogance but what is indicated as confidence, is the petitioner's own finger.

The Priestess as she is in this state is rarely found in fiction by herself. The journey stage is a popular theme in fiction, as many people would like to be well balanced and strong enough to handle or help anyone who comes their way. However, she also crops up often in teams where one or more of the team is a misfit, an anarchist or other source of chaos so strong that it takes a well-balanced figure to handle him. These Priestesses are more realistic, and they are more subtle than their journeying counterparts. The Priestess is also often given as the flip side to the Sorcerer, as she is one of the only Arcane types capable of keeping up with his mercurial shifts and hyper-intelligent manipulations.
Inara Serra
29 September 2009 @ 10:24 pm

Character: Inara Serra
Character LJ: gracefulwoman
Canon: Firefly
In game since: May 2009

General: Working at Aphrodite's Temple and very pleased to be doing so, still. Sorely missing EVERYONE from home, but is so very happy to see Kaylee, even if Kaylee isn't doing so well with the adjusting, which worries her.
Needs threads with: Adam, cause she needs to check up on him, anyone really.

Character: Rachel Gibson
Character LJ:
Canon: Alias
In game since:
May 2009

General: Emo city and I don't even know why, unless she's just PMSing (and she misses Tom). Has very mixed feelings about Sydney being in the village. Because it's Sydney, who she looks up to SO SO MUCH, but she fears Sydney won't be okay with her, you know, fucking THE ENEMY.
Needs threads with: Sydney, Vaughn, anyone really.

Character: Leslie Burke
Character LJ:
Canon: Bridge to Terabithia
In game since:
June 2009

General: Has FRIENDS now!! Friends her age!! And a sparkly vampire!! Doesn't know how to even process this cause she's NEVER HAD THIS MANY FRIENDS!! Still misses Jess and goes out every single day to see if he's found his way to the village, because she doesn't want him to be scared or confused.
Needs threads with: Zenon, Alice, Scorpius, Ivy, Vaughn, or anyone really (sensing a pattern yet?).

Character: Simon
Character LJ:
Canon: The Silver Kiss
In game since:
July 2009

General: He may have a job now and has a fellow vampy friend in Selene and a sorta friend in Leto, which is nice. Boy needs friends.
Needs threads with: Anyone? Though I think it'd be LULZ if he met Obi-Wan. OMGWTFVAMPIREANAKIN?!

Character: Death
Character LJ:
Canon: The Sandman
In game since:
August 2009

General: She's on vacation! So she's happy. Really, she's always pretty happy. She's met interesting people. She's had a hot dog and coffee. She does need a job. Actually it wouldn't hurt her to have a couple jobs. I mean, she doesn't SLEEP, so. Anyone need a perky goth chick in their employ?
Needs threads with: Annnnnnnyone! Really! She loves you all!

Character: Daphne Millbrook
Character LJ:
Canon: Heroes
In game since: August 2009

General: Well, she's not dead. That's about the best endorsement she can give. She needs a job. Badly.
Needs threads with: Any of the Heroes pups, but particularly Sylar/Gabriel cause I really want her to stand there and be all "WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU *DO* TO HIM MATT?! WHAT IS *WRONG WITH YOU*?!!" in her head. :P

Character: Starkiller, The Apprentice (Galen Marek)
Character LJ:
Canon: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed
In game since: Uh this month :P

General: He's not dead. Obi-Wan is here so he's fucking terrified if he finds out who he is and what he's done he's gonna have to die again, but also kind of all "I CAN BE JEDI NAO?!"
Needs threads with: Obi-Wan and anyone that might be able to bring him out of his dark little emo-cakes corner.

I won't put Jasper up since he's not in the game yet. :P

Inara Serra
12 June 2009 @ 01:13 pm
Inara Serra
23 March 2009 @ 04:54 pm

Drop requests HERE. :P

(applies to all my muses)